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Highlander Outdoors - Camping Equipment, Outdoor Clothing and Insect Protection.

Yellowstone - Camping Outdoor Equipment and Gas Products.

Eyelevel - A Range of Quality Sunglasses and Reading Glasses for all Budgets.

RJM™ - Outdoor Clothing including Hats, Sock, Gloves, Thermals and Accessories.

KS Brand™ - Travel Accessories, Umbrellas, Mobile Phone Chargers and Novelty Gifts.

PMS™ - Outdoor Toys,  Windproof  Lighters, Animal Alerts, BBQ Products and Accessories.

Optical Hardware - A Leading Range of Binoculars and Monoculars for all Budgets.

Dynamic™- A Fantastic Range of Fishing Lures.

Dennett - A Great Range of all types of Fishing Tackle and Accessories.

Kiddy - A Fantastic Range of Sea Fishing Products.

Duracell - A Range of Quality Alkaline Batteries.

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Product Categories

Camping Equipment

Fishing Tackle and Accessories

Insect Protection including Headnets and Tick Twisters

Outdoor Clothing including Waterproofs, Hats, Socks and Accessories

Outdoor Toys

Pet and Garden Products

Batteries and Lighters



Mobile Phone Accessories

Novelty Items

Seasonal Items 

Gas Products


BBQ Products and Accessories

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